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A study on milk quality testing and awareness of science and non science students on milk adulteration


Increased global demand for milk has made it prone to massive levels of adulteration. The aims of this study were to analyze the quality of milk samples and also to assess the awareness of science and non-science students on milk adulteration. A total of 100 milk samples [unbranded (n=50) and branded (n=50)] were randomly collected from different areas of Hyderabad and were chemically analyzed to detect the presence of adulterants using standard procedures. A pre-tested questionnaire was used to assess the knowledge of students (sciences and non-sciences) on milk adulteration. It was observed from the chemical analysis that the unbranded milk samples (n=50) and branded milk samples (n=50) were found to be adulterated with water, cane sugar, urea, detergent, skimmed milk powder and formalin with their extent being 82%, 24%, 12%, 36%, 26%, 22% and 6%, 2%, 0%, 0%, 36%, 28% respectively. It was found from a microbiological examination that 92% of branded milk samples were in good quality, 2% were in fair quality and 6% were in poor quality and all the unbranded milk samples were found to be of poor quality. A significant difference (p<0.05) was observed on the awareness of milk adulteration between Science and Non-Science student respondents. It can be concluded that milk quality is not as per standards. To eradicate this Malpractice, having a quality control system is necessary which could regularly check to ensure good quality milk is sold.  
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