Journal of Food Safety and Hygiene 2015. 1(1):26-29.

Evaluation of microbial contamination of pastry cream in Arak city of Iran
Sonia Asadi, Zeynab Rezaei Maram, Fariba Kooshk


Cream and pastry cream are used so much in the confectionary industry. Contaminations of whipped cream are even more than pastry cream. Microbial contaminations causes human to have contagious diseases by the digestive system of converse mentioned diseases depend on methods of making and keeping of cream. Food habits, health care by persons who making pastry cream and primary and secondary contamination of cream. The goal of this study is a prevalence of microbial contamination in pastry cream supplied in Arak. In this study, total of 120 samples were randomly  obtained  from  confectioneries  and  analyzed  for  microbial  contamination levels, according to Iran’s national standards. Results show that among 120 samples which were tested, 115 samples (95.8%) were non-use and contaminated to various microbes. Ninety eight (81.6%) samples were positive to entrobacteriaceaes (>1 × 102CFU/g), 5 (4.2%) samples were positive to mold (>3 × 102  CFU/g), and 115 (95.8%)samples were contaminated to yeasts (>1 × 103 CFU/g). Thirty six (30%) samples were positive to Escherichia coli and no Salmonella was detected in any samples of pastriescream. It was concluded that health conditions of production for pastries cream is low and it needs to promote the hygiene and safety in the production line of pastry cream.


Arak, Confectionery,Microbial contamination, Pastries cream

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