Journal of Food Safety and Hygiene 2016. 2(3/4):75-83.

One-step indirect competitive ELISA development for dexamethasone determination in chicken
Wenjun Wang, Jinxin He, Han Xiao, Xueling Zheng, Limin Li


Dexamethasone (DEX) is a potent glucocorticoid that was widely employed in livestock production. In the present study, a one-step indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (icELISA) was developed for the determination of DEX residue in animal-origin food. With this aim, hapten DEX-3c was firstly synthesized, conjugated to carrier protein, and then used as immunogen in rabbits. Polyclonal antibody was subsequently obtained and characterized. The half-maximal inhibition concentrations (IC50) and the limit of detection (LOD, calculated as IC20) of the icELISA for DEX were approximately 0.061 and 0.015 ng/mL, respectively. The antibody exhibited significantly cross-reactivity with some of DEX structural analogs. The average recoveries and coefficients of variation (CVs) of DEX from fortified samples by icELISA were in a range of 83.3- 114.2% and 5.6-9.5%, respectively. The LOD of this assay for DEX in chicken muscle and liver extracts was 0.3 μg/kg and 0.5 μg/kg, respectively.


Dexamethasone; Broad-specificity polyclonal antibody (pAb); One-step icELISA; Chicken muscle; Chicken liver

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