Journal of Food Safety and Hygiene 2015. 1(2):72-77.

Organochlorine pesticide residues in wheat from west Azerbaijan province, Iran
Ayub Ebadi-Fathabad, Ali Ehsani, Ali Mojaddar-Langroodi, Malek Azimi, Seyedehsara Shokraei


The organochlorine pesticide contamination in food supply has caused serious threat to the human progeny. The present study was therefore conducted to evaluate the organochlorine contamination in wheat from West Azerbaijan province, Iran using gas chromatograph. The contamination level has been determined according to the European Community Directives. Forty samples of wheat were obtained from local farmers and wheat factories in this province. All the examined wheat samples were found to be contaminated by organochlorine pesticide residues of cis-chlordane and methoxychlor. Chlordane isomers, methoxychlor, DDT and its metabolites, aldrin, b HCH, heptachlor and lindane have been found to be the highest organochlorine pesticide residues. In some of these samples, various organochlorine pesticide residues have been determined to be higher than European Community maximum residual limits. The residues of aldrin in two samples, cischlordane in three samples, trans-chlordane in two samples, p-p'-DDD in one sample, o-p'-DDE in three samples, p-p'-DDE in one sample,β-endosulfan in one sample, heptachlor in two samples,methoxychlor in two samples were found to be in excess of EC maximum residue levels (MRLs).In conclusion most of the samples have been found to be contaminated with residues; also a control of organochlorine pesticide residues in wheat is necessary.




Organochlorine, Pesticide residues, Wheat, Safety, West Azerbaijan

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